4 Pool Filter Issues That Should Be Addressed By Professionals

The swimming pool sanitation process assures healthy conditions. Cleaning is necessary not only to conserve visual clarity of pool water but to curb the transmission of contagious waterborne diseases.

Whether one needs a one-time clean to get ready for a pool party, or just doesn’t have time for the weekly mundane netting and chemical balancing, professionals have the right pool filter repair services to offer. So, one must call them to spend less time clearing a pool and more time in it.

Swimming Pool Issues that Require Professional Help

  1. Issues regarding malfunction of water pump
  2. Looking after filtration unit (sand, diatomaceous earth, cartridge filters, automated pool cleaners, consecutive dilution, mineral sanitizer, skimmers)
  3. Pool recirculation and microbe disinfection with an ultraviolet lamp system
  4. Looking after heater and other equipment

Chlorine shortage is a significant problem. Sometimes, a chemical reaction takes place in the swimming pool. To ensure safety, swimming pools must be disinfected at regular intervals. Professional help is a must to maintain the treatment system and pH balance. Adding freshwater is equally important.

Professional Services include:

  • They provide standard chemicals for safety
  • Servicemen check and adjust needed water chemistry
  • Professionals take care of the net pool of any debris
  • They brush tile line, stairs, and seats
  • They provide empty skimmer baskets, pump baskets, cleaner bag, and screen
  • Experts offer backwash filter, vacuum, and brush surface as needed
  • They perform a visual inspection of pool equipment
  • They offer to lubricate moving o-rings as needed

Necessary Equipment for Pool Cleaning

▪         Swimming pool pumps

▪         pool filters

▪         pool heaters

▪         pool plumbing

▪         pool electrical

▪         Automation

▪         Salt system for pools

Drain Pool Cleaning

▪         Drain pool restoring with a submersible pump

▪         Removing remaining debris from pools

▪         Cleaning surface and tiling with a power washer

▪         Clearing the pool filter

▪         Starting refill process

▪         Returning with startup chemicals once the pool is full

  • Disassembling of the filter
  • Removing and separating of girds
  • Thorough cleaning of media or removing dirt and debris
  • Performing a visual inspection of the filter components
  • Notifying clients of any necessary filter repairs
  • Reassembling the filter
  • Recharging media

Professional service providers leave no stone unturned to protect the client’s investment with a thorough industry-specific inspection. They perform an operational and visual inspection of

Issues with Real Estate Pool

  • All Pumps & Motors
  • Filters
  • Plumbing and valves
  • Timers and lights
  • Electrical and GFCI
  • Heaters
  • Automation
  • Pool surface
  • Decking
  • Tile
  • Coping
  • Mastic


WaterTex Pools is an experienced and reliable company that provides pool equipment and repair specialists. With the advanced knowledge of swimming pool filters, pumps, plumbing, electrical, automation, saltwater systems, and heaters, unequivocally, they are the one-stop pool & spa service providers. The company is insured and fully licensed. The technicians are capable workers on all brands and models. It commits to specialized training and keeps trainees aware of the upcoming changes in the industry. With a record of 35,000 plus pool service calls, the company is confident to repair or provide the best pool cleaning solutions.

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