Bed Bugs and Diseases – Get to Know All

Bed bugs are parasite which are small flat bodied creatures. They dwell in musty beds, rugs and soiled areas. They feed on the blood of warm bodied animals and hence humans are one of them.

However, they feed on the hosts while they are fast asleep, so therefore the name bed bugs. Not only these parasites are harmful but also, they can pose severe health threats. Therefore, controlling their multiplication and eradicating them is absolutely necessary.

Get rid of them

Just because the name is bed bug not necessarily you will always get to see them on your bed. You can find them wherever there are mold, moisture and people sleep on it. They might be present on chair cushion, upholstery, dark places etc. you need to inspect very carefully.

Studies suggest that bed bugs directly do not carry pathogens which are harmful but they are capable of transmitting diseases.

Once a bed bug is discovered, accurate control measures should be taken. You may not always know comment éliminer punaise de lit. Therefore, taking a professional pest control help is absolutely necessary. It is very important to sleep peacefully and live in a clear area.

Get to know diseases spread by them

Bed bugs can cause severe allergic reaction to humans. There will be redness, itchiness, signs of discomfort when you wake up in the morning. One of the most dangerous disease spread by them is MRSA. Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus is a pathogen that attacks the cellular mitochondrial structure of the humans, thus rapidly damaging skin, infecting blood and weakening joints.

It seldom causes pneumonia and weakens the immune system. Studies have concluded that MRSA annually kills over 20,000 people in Canada and the reason behind the massacre is the virus. They act rapidly within your body but there will be no probable signs of diseases and often the treatment is delayed.  Nevertheless, bed bugs should be controlled at all cost, if your house gets infected.

Another viral borne less antibiotic resistant virus is spread by bed bugs which is called Vancomycin-resistant enterococcus faecium or VRE. Scientists have concluded that bed bugs are the active agents for spreading anthrax, typhus, yellow fever, relapse fever and plague. The usual symptoms are less hunger, becoming weak and looking pale.

What to do once you are infected?

Needless to say, once you spot a bed bug in your house you must without delay get a medical checkup done. Secondly, and most importantly without giving a second thought hire pest control services. You may think of doing it yourself but bed bugs require timely chemical treatments and its possible only when you get it done properly.

Keep in mind that bed bugs are resistant to most of the chemicals. Therefore, always take professional help to get rid of them.

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