Garden Paving Ideas That Will Transform Your Patio


The right ideas can always bring great changes even if they seem very simple. The same holds for your garden paving ideas. If you have such ideas and want them executed the right way you can search for “paving companies near me” and hire professionals for the job. Otherwise, you can check out the following garden paving ideas that will transform your patio.

The Ideas

  1. Add pathways – You may have a large property and your favorite spot may be quite far across the lawn. If you have a patio at that spot, you can improve access to the patio by adding pathways. It may be a Herrington path, stone walkway, gravel path, or anything else that ties up nicely to the overall landscape. You need to consider the size and shape of the path you’ll be paving. The path won’t just improve accessibility to your patio, but also the overall look of your garden.

Depending upon the size and shape of the path, you’ll have to get the appropriate paver stones or paver slabs. If you have a smart design, you can keep the costs low. Otherwise, you may blow out the budget and still. You also need to keep the neighbors in mind while designing the pathways. If you plan to add shade to the pathway, make sure not to block the light on your neighbor’s property.

  1. Use black for a bold theme – People often like to use shades of black inside their homes for an elegant and bold design. From a black countertop to textured black floor tiles, all of that works perfectly inside your home. However, homeowners are very reluctant to use black outside their homes.

While garages and pathways may have a dash of black, people have a hard time imagining the color in their garden. It’s time to change that. You can use black to create a bold outdoor setting and add a lot of character to your patio. For instance, you can use black gravel for bordering the garden, and black stones for paving the patio and pathways and highlight certain features of your small Zen Garden. To make a more coherent look, it’s best to add other elements if the shade. For instance, you can add black outdoor furniture to your patio or create a dark fire pit.

  1. Dry Greens and porous pavers – For several years, environmental impact and drainage issues have been a great concern while using patio stones. While patio stones last for decades, they can raise the heat build-up in your garden. Moreover, patio stones cause severe drainage issues if not maintained properly and can make the water flow to the other side and cause soil erosion.

Instead, you can pave your garden with more sustainable materials like permeable pavers and dry greens. As the name suggests, permeable pavers redirect the wait into the underground water supply instead of making it flow to the sides. They also do a great job at filtering polluted rainwater and are amazing for rainwater harvesting.

On the other hand, if you live in an arid climate, you can use native ground covers and special types of grasses to make the most of the limited water supply. It reduces the carbon footprint of your garden and helps you to make the most of the limited resources. A strategically designed patio or pathway with dry green elements also makes for a stunning look.

  1. Choose between traditional and modern styles – Typically, there are two major types of backyard paving styles, traditional and modern. If you prefer a chic and contemporary look that goes well with the clean lines and modern minimal architecture of your home, you may go with pavers made from porcelain, chamfer blocks, sandstone, and more. On the other hand, if you have an old rustic home with a style that reflects its age, you’re better off with a traditional paving style. Choose from tumbled block paving, river sandstone flags, and other such materials for this style. You can also hire experts from landscaping Oakland County MI to help you achieve which style you prefer for your garden.
  1. Get rid of the boundaries – You may have a small backyard and want a cozy setting for your patio with a tiny garden by the side. In this case, you can choose to completely blur out the boundaries between the indoors and the outdoors with the right materials and colors. You can pave the patio with materials and colors similar to the adjoining wall. However, you need to choose the materials carefully. While the wall and patio material may look the same, the patio slabs, stones, or tiles need to be textured for grip.

If your home has wood flooring, you can extend it to the patio with wood flooring made from hardwoods like iroko or oak. However, the maintenance will be a nightmare if you live near the sea or someplace with high humidity and frequent rainfall. Instead, you can choose material made from plastic composite or other such materials that mimic the look and feel of wood while being completely waterproof and immune to rot.

  1. Pave a cozy patio space with vertical gardens – Vertical gardens are rare in backyards since they are usually adopted by commercial farmers who want more productivity from their plants while limiting land use. However, a patio with a vertical garden on raised garden beds on either side creates a spectacular sight. You can have a simple seating area between the vertical gardens or a dining area.

You can create a veggie garden on those raised beds and use the produce to entertain your guests in the patio dining area or plant fragrant flowering plants to create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. For starters, you can grow roses, clematis, and jasmine.


The above-mentioned garden paving ideas are quite easy to execute on your property. Even if you don’t want to execute any of them, they should inspire you to come up with garden paving ideas of your own. You can get those ideas executed by searching for “paving companies near me” and hiring professionals for the job.

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