Keep Your Drain Pipe Clean With The Following Tips

A clan drain resembles a clean house. Being human is our right and duty to live in a clean environment. Unattended drain pipes will lead to massive disasters in the future. They affect our health, and repair of blocked drains costs us more. Hence, you should take care and consult and unblock drains Molesey before it is too late.

There are various reasons your toilet, sink, or washroom may get blocked. Some of those reasons are as follows:

Food Scraps

Sometimes, while cleaning the dishes, we throw away extra food into the sink and flush it with water. It is the primary reason for blocked drains. The food grains or scraps accumulate in the pipe, causing the clogged drain.

Cooking Oil

The cooking oil we drain in the kitchen sink never goes directly to the drainage system. It accumulates on the walls of the pipe, and as time goes on, it causes blocked drains.

Hair Fall

Everybody likes long hair. But when you get a hair wash, some of your hair fall into the pipe and cause a blocked drain. It is also one of the common causes the drain pipe gets clogged.

Miscellaneous Objects

Sometimes we accidentally throw away some objects in the toilet bowl. Like children, they play with the toys while sitting on the toilet bowl. These plastic toys never degrade with time, causing pipe blockage.

Soap Bars

Soap bars also cause drain pipe clogging. Hence, ensure that you do not throw away the soap bars in the drainage system.

When Should You Call The Plumber?

You should never keep your drainage problems unrepaired. Leaving them unattended may cause significant damage to the system. Later, you may have to excavate the entire drainage system. Hence it is better to act immediately or call unblock drains Molesey. The professionals will see the damage’s real reason and exact location and repair the blockage correctly. Act if you notice any of the following signs of blocked drainage:

  • gurgling sound
  • slow water seepage
  • foul smell in the bathroom or kitchen
  • overflowing

What To Do When You See The Signs Of Blockage?

Drain blockage does not happen overnight. It gives prior notice to us with the above signs. Before calling unblock drains Molesey, it will be wise if you treat the blocked drains at your home.

Your kitchen and bathroom have those ingredients that can melt away the blockage. Hence, try the following tips once you see the signs of blocked drains.

  1. pouring hot water
  2. Use natural cleansers like caustic soda and vinegar
  3. plunger from your washroom
  4. DIY drain snake

In case the blockage is deep and you cannot do anything about it, call unblock drains Molesey; they will help you in the following ways:

First, they will use the plumber’s snake with a camera to find the exact location of the fault.

Then they will use the hydro jet spray to remove the dirt with pressure, and the blockage gets clear. If this also does not help, they will excavate the drainage system and find the exact location of the fault. They will also follow the pipe relining process to help you with clean drains.

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