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Mark Roemer Oakland Provides You with Tip for Marble Tile Flooring


Mark Roemer Oakland knows it’s simple to display your sophisticated taste by installing flooring made of classic marble tile. The exquisite natural stone is available in a wide range of hues, designs, and finishes to make the ideal statement in any space.

But in order for the expensive stone to look its very best, special maintenance is necessary, just like with other high-end goods. Although marble is often thought of as a softer stone, it is actually more durable than most people realize. Your natural stone flooring benefits from routine care since it helps to maintain its integrity and lengthen its lifespan—especially when done correctly. Use the advice in this article to maintain your marble floors.

Dust Your Marble Floor

Your marble tile needs to be protected by removing the grit, filth, and dust from your flooring at least once weekly. Instead of a flat sweeper with refillable, chemical-filled pads, you should use a dust mop with a fluffy head made of microfiber or twisted cotton yarn. As you go around the room, the delicate, tiny strands will capture the dust without causing it to scratch the marble’s surface. After every cleaning, be sure to clean your mop head as well to prevent scratches from worn-out pieces. Additionally, you should never use an upright vacuum on a valuable natural stone because the machine’s different plastic and metal parts may harm the stone.

Utilize Rugs

It is a good idea to cover a portion of your stone with rugs or mats, even though you want to show off every inch of your magnificent marble. This acts as an additional layer of protection for your marble against scratches produced by rocks and other debris, making it particularly useful in entranceways and other heavy traffic areas. Everyone should wipe their feet before entering your home or when coming in from the backyard as a terrific tip for keeping marble clean around visitors. Although not all marble floors have a brilliant finish, using rug pads or backings with non-slip properties in homes with polished tile is still advisable.

Remove Spills Quickly

Spills will inevitably occur, so don’t worry if one does. Instead of attempting to wipe the spill dry, ensure you delicately blot it with a paper towel because doing so will distribute the liquid to more parts of the marble. After that, wash the area with some water and mild dish soap. Finally, thoroughly dry the tile to help ward off stains.


Of course, there are more suggestions for particular spaces or marble finishes. For instance, places with high activity like hallways and foyers will require more frequent cleaning. It will be easier to clean up food-related spills if dining tables are covered with carpet rather than leaving your marble flooring vulnerable to numerous stains. While polished marble can be excellent for bathrooms because it better conceals dirt and water spots, the more porous stone may be more prone to stains from liquid absorption. However, Mark Roemer Oakland suggests by following these general and detailed maintenance instructions, your marble floor might last until the following generation.

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