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Safety Alerts For Pressure Washing

A soap, elbow grease, and garden hose can take care of many cleansing tasks if you want to spend the whole day doing it. But, if you have other jobs, a pressure washer can assist you in speeding up, all sorts of difficult tasks, from cleaning dirt and mildew, from the sidings and also removing stains on the driveways to having the deck or patio properly cleaned up, degreasing the grill, sprucing off exterior furniture, and even washing your car.

Why should I use a pressure washer?

Pressure washers make use of either an electric motor or a gasoline engine, a concentrating nozzle and a pump to increase the water pressure from the hose connection from about 30 to 80 times. Although only a garden hose can provide a water pressure of about 50 pounds PSI, the pressure washer machine generates about 1500 to 4000 PSI. which is a lot of power. And when properly operated, they can remove stains without destroying the surface material.

However, despite these advantages, they can still cause severe injuries, and a small number of consumers can appreciate how serious it can be. Pressure washer’s powerful spray is dangerous when it is poorly directed, strong enough to destroy the skin immediately. Lacerations are often the most happening injuries accompanied by punctures, bruises, and eye injuries. Below are some pressure washer safety alerts:

#1: Use a wider-angle setting

The same cleaning done by a pressure washer can as well be done by using a wider-angle setting, which can, however, take more time. Also, most pressure washers allow you to connect different wand extensions in order to reach higher surfaces with no need to resort to a zero-degree nozzle.

#2: Avoid pressure washers that come with nozzles producing spray less than 15 degrees

Because of the high level of risk associated with narrow nozzles and also their limited benefits, it is recommended you abstain from pressure washers that have a nozzle which produces sprays less than 15 degrees, irrespective of how good they are in cleaning.

#3: Get rid of zero-degree nozzle pressure washers

If you had purchased a pressure washer that has a zero-degree nozzle or you own one already, we strongly recommend that you get rid of it so as to minimize the chances of destroying properties or causing injury to both you and members of your family, or to anyone else using the sprayer.

Because of all these pressure washer related risks, we have recommended pressure washer products from laveuse a pression unimanix because their products built with users’ safety in mind.

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