Why Is Salt Or Sodium Chloride Essential For Your Body?

In addition to its role as a condiment, salt is also essential from a health point of view. Salt or sodium chloride regulates the water balance in the body. In addition, salt is responsible for transmitting stimuli and muscle relaxation in the body.

If you didn’t consume salt, you wouldn’t be able to move your arms or legs. Even the heart muscle could not function without salt. Your bone structure also needs sodium chloride. In addition, the intake of salt causes the body to produce hydrochloric acid in the stomach, necessary to break down the consumed food.

As with almost all foods, it is essential not to go overboard with your salt intake. Excess salt can be detrimental to kidney function and increase blood pressure. Between 5 and 6 grams of salt per day is recommended by ninja de-icer, but it should not be less than 2 grams.

It is not difficult to consume an appropriate dose of salt. You should be aware that many convenience foods, such as ready-to-eat pizzas and soups contain excessive amounts of salt. Therefore, if you prepare your food and are careful not to over-salt your food, you should be on the safe side.

What To Know About Rock Salt?

The salt stones can be of different colors, and each one of them has particular properties. Namely:

  • White: it is the most representative at the level of healing since it is a detoxification and cleansing stimulus, heals ideas, awareness and strengthens concentration.
  • Orange: provides security. It is ideal for helping the nervous system and the mind and activating organs such as the kidneys or the bladder.
  • Brown: this stone helps connect with the environment and find inner balance.
  • Rosa opens up emotionality and is perfect for developing sociability and love.
  • Red helps open the heart, stimulate circulation and consolidate our vital force.
  • Yellow: perfect for the pancreas and liver, in addition to increasing the intellect.

For allergy sufferers, convalescents, smokers, or all those who have insomnia, the salt stones will be of great help since having them close will allow you to breathe air away from negative ions. Find your stone of salt and discover all its therapeutic, healing, and energizing benefits.

Properties Of Salt

Among the properties of the salt stones by ninja de-icer, their relaxing and calming power on our body stands out while balancing and harmonizing our energy plan. They are also formidable energy breakers and can promote sensuality and eroticism.

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