Different types of Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are popular because they are a cost-effective roofing solution for both residential and commercial structures. Flat roofing companies can help you install solar panels, rooftop air conditioners, or lush rooftop gardens.

You’ll find information about several types of flat roofs in the sections below. This will assist you in weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each flat roofing material so that you can make an educated selection.


PVC is flame-resistant by nature. When the fire source is removed, PVC membranes will not sustain a flame. PVC roofing systems may achieve Class-A fire ratings more easily than other roofing systems due to their high flame resistance. Many environmental pollutants are released as a result of combustion, particularly incomplete combustion. PVC membranes are less heavy than other roofing materials.


Built-up roofs are made of hot tar and gravel and are one of the most cost-effective flat roof solutions, but they come with a number of drawbacks. They are usually made up of three or more layers of waterproof ply sheets sandwiched between hot tar layers.

Built-up roofs can fulfill greater fire ratings if you’re concerned about the safety of your business building.


Historically, rubber membrane has been a common flat roofing material. Rubber membrane roof leaks are simple to fix, and repair supplies are inexpensive. Rubber roofs’ black hue makes them prone to absorbing heat, and in some cases, light-colored roof coatings may be required, increasing the cost of installation. The black rubber roof’s look is frequently mentioned as its major flaw.


TPO has many of the same advantages as PVC roofing. It is primarily made of polypropylene and ethyl propylene rubbers and is white in colour. The end product is a single piece of membrane that is absolutely flat. It’s simple to install and may be bonded to the roof deck completely or mechanically. Because it is exceedingly bending and weldable without compromising toughness, it is great when there are weird shapes and items on the roof.


A coating roof is made up of a high-quality resin-type elastic liquid that, when dry, provides exceptional waterproofing as well as some protection from wind and physical harm from falling debris, depending on the thickness applied.

Therefore, this was all about different types of flat roofs that you need to know.

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