Tips To Help You Choose Area Rugs For Your Home’s Living Room!

Finding new area rugs for your home is often easier said than done, and rug shopping has only gotten more confusing thanks to the internet’s limitless amount of options available to today’s rug shoppers.

But some things never change, and rug shopping is still just as fun as it ever was. The internet is even helping rug shoppers on a grand scale when it comes to finding the rugs of their dreams while remaining within the comfort of their homes.

The Rug Source experts have partnered up with us to provide a quick list of tips that’ll help you find the perfect area rugs for your home’s living room. We all know just how important living room rugs are for home décor, so it’s important to take this expert advice when you want to make sure that your next home investment is absolutely perfect!

Below is what you should consider when choosing your next living room area rugs:

Rug Size

The overall size of your next rug will be the top filter to keep in mind while you’re doing your online rug shopping. By measuring out your living room space and knowing just how large you want your new rug’s dimensions to be, you can start filtering which rugs are right for your space.

Usually, bigger is typically better when it comes to living room rug size. Smaller area rugs can make your living room appear to be smaller than it actually is, and it could throw your entire ambience off. So as is easy to imagine, choosing the right size for your new rug is absolutely crucial!

But when you do get your rug size right, it’ll make your entire living room appear more planned out and aesthetically pleasing.

Rug Shape

Your new area rug’s shape should also be an aesthetic match that’s oriented around your existing furniture arrangements. When you’re choosing your rug’s shape, you’ll of course have plenty of conventional, rectangular options. However, these days there are plenty of other alternatives out there for rug shoppers.

Many rug shoppers are purchasing square, round and customized area rugs. But depending upon your living room’s unique floor plan, your rug’s shape will play a major role in how the entire room fits together!

Rug Color

Rug color is also a major element to keep in mind while you’re decorating your living room’s floor. Having the right combination of colors can make a dramatic impact on your entire room, and the wrong color can make your entire ambience fall completely flat.

One of the biggest things you should keep in mind while choosing a rug color is the color of your walls. You can always bring a touch of brightness to your living room by implementing a lighter area rug, and living rooms already full of color can benefit from a more neutral rug color.

It’s easy to imagine how certain colors evoke certain feelings within home décor, so it’s up to you in terms of what type of energy you want to put out within your living room. But it’s generally a good idea to match your new living room rug up with your room’s existing color scheme in one way or another.

Material & Texture

A rug’s material is another crucial aspect for the shopping experience, and most rug shoppers these days are choosing between natural and synthetic material makeup. Although both options offer their pros and cons, it’s essentially up to you in terms of what you value more.

Texture is also incredibly important to keep in mind, and this factor is of course very difficult to gauge while shopping online. This is why you should pay very close attention to online photos, and even ask digital rug outlets if they’ll send you a sampling of the rug material.

Although this isn’t always possible, it’s an interesting way to grasp how a rug will feel on your feet prior to buying it over the internet.


Rugs are always rather hefty living room investments, so price should be another shopping factor that you keep in mind.

Although synthetic rugs are making the entire marketplace a little bit more affordable, setting up a maximum price in your search filters will help you firmly establish a budget that you won’t go over.

Reach Out To The Rug Source Team When You’re Looking For Living Room Area Rugs Online!

The above rug shopping factors are just the beginning in terms of what you’ll need to consider while browsing the Web, and other important factors include things like rug maintenance and rug style.

There are plenty of things that rug shoppers should consider, but the best thing you can do for your online search is to team up with a reputable outlet that’ll help you throughout your shopping process. Rug Source is one of the best digital rug outlets in America, and their team is always available to answer your questions and point you in the right direction towards a rug that’s perfect for your specific needs.

You can reach the Rug Source experts by going through the link to their area rugs page at the top of this page!

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