Five Warning Signs That You’re In Need Of A Shower Repair In Sandy UT!

We all know just how important a refreshing shower is at the end of a long day, and showers are even proven to support people when it comes to fatigue and stress. But just like with any other plumbing fixture found throughout your property, your shower is also prone to repairs and other malfunctions.

Wear and tear is normal for shower fixtures, partly because we use them on a daily basis. This is why it’s so crucial for property owners and renters to remain cognizant of common red flags associated with shower issues and repairs, because understanding what to look for can potentially help you avoid unnecessary expenses.

We’ve partnered up with the shower repair sandy ut experts at Beehive Plumbing to develop this list of warning signs associated with shower problems, so take it from the industry specialists in that the following red flags are what you should be looking out for while taking proper care of your home’s showers!

Warning Signs That You’re In Need Of A Shower Repair

Although there are many different warning signs associated with requiring a shower repair, the following are some of the most common that happen in households throughout Sandy UT:

Consistent Dripping

If you’re noticing consistent dripping coming from your showerhead or other shower components, then it’s one of the most common shower repair red flags that you could experience. This type of issue won’t just waste a lot of water, because it generally signifies underlying dilemmas associated with your shower.

Some of these underlying issues could be faulty washers or valves.

Cracked, Porous & Pitted Grout Joints

Over long periods of time, your shower’s grout can start to oxidize, which will cause it to change color as it transitions into a more porous and pitted texture. As time continues, these warning signs will likely lead to cracked grout within your shower.

What’s troubling about cracked grout is that it can leak water underneath your floors, which can end up creating significant water damages and even mold development.

Rising Damp & Bubbling Paint

Another common red flag associated with shower repairs is when you’re noticing bubbling paint on your shower walls, or any other form of staining and swelling within your shower’s skirting boards. This type of shower damage is often referred to as rising damp, and it’s an all-too-common dilemma for households throughout Sandy Utah.

If rising damp is neglected for too long, you’ll likely experience a shower leak that’ll cost a lot in repairs. What’s even worse is that these types of shower leaks can potentially impact the entire surrounding area within your bathroom, which is never the type of scenario that you’ll want to find yourself within!

Visible Mildew & Mold

If you can actually see mildew and mold growing within your shower, it’s a dangerous warning sign that you’re going to need professional plumbing and mold remediation services as soon as possible. This type of mold development is often caused by leakage and other types of poor ventilation, which will require professional attention as well.

But what’s important to remember is that mildew and mold aren’t just gross to see, because they can also pose significant health risks—especially to those with respiratory ailments.

Damaged & Cracked Tiles

It’s also common for people to notice cracks and other types of tile damages in their showers, and this is the type of issue that can do a lot more than just negatively impact a shower’s aesthetics.

A lot of people don’t realize this, but cracked and damaged tiles can pose significant safety risks, and it can be a red flag for water leakage that may end up creating structural damages.

Reach Out To The Shower Repair Experts At Beehive Plumbing When You Need Help In Sandy UT!

There’s so much that homeowners in Sandy UT need to keep in mind when it comes to recognizing the warning signs associated with shower repairs, and the above red flags are just the beginning in terms of all that you should be on the lookout for.

The shower repair specialists over at Beehive Plumbing are just a click away when you go through the hyperlink at the top of this page!

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