Five Factors to Consider when Choosing an Outdoor Fountain

Water fountains are traditionally considered as an art. They are often seen in front of big hotels and mansions. However, they now come in various sizes, materials, and shapes. This makes it possible for anyone to have a fountain in their homes.  Fountains are known for their benefits of making a peaceful environment, blocking out outside noise, promoting good health, and others. Outdoor fountains are designed to turn a dull outdoor living space into a welcoming and relaxing area. Fortunately, choosing the right outdoor fountain for your home can be challenging. To make the right choice, consider the following factors:

Power Source

When you choose the kind of outdoor fountain you wish to purchase, choose between hardwired and solar-powered fountains. Hardwired fountains depend on an electric power source to function. They can be installed by an electrician since they can be a part of a home’s electrical grid. Meanwhile, a solar powered fountain depends on the sun’s energy for their power. They are available with solar panels which offer them enough power to work.

Water Source

The majority of fountains designed for outdoor use are connected to the water supply of a house. But, some can be filled using a water house. In general, this fountain uses a pump which re-circulates water through the fountain continuously.


An outdoor fountain is too beautiful not be seen even at night. Fortunately, there are many lighting options available which can help you highlight this piece. These include:

  • External lights. These lights are installed around the fountain’s perimeter and include path lights, spotlights, and hanging lights.
  • Submersible lights. These are lights that go directly into the water. They can be white or colorful, depending on the kind of effect you want to see on the water.
  • Solar lights. These lights are ideal for areas where you don’t have access to a power source.


Your choice of location usually depends on your preference and the size of your fountain. A bigger fountain must be installed alone since it requires a bigger space. A smaller one must not be installed in a location where nothing can block them. Also, consider where the electrical connections and water lines are when deciding on where to install your fountain.


The overall look of a fountain depends on its finishes. Also, the finishes say a lot about the kind of care it needs. Fountain finishes can include stone, concrete, copper, or bronze. Concrete and stone finishes often require little maintenance. Copper and bronze fountains yield a good contrast to natural outdoor settings. However, they often require more care than others.

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