Hacks To Make The Packing Part Of Moving Less Of A Hassle

Packing boxes for a move can be a laborious task. Whether moving to a city studio apartment or to a suburban family home, the time it takes to sort, pack, tape and label every box can add up very quickly. However, there are ways to make the process less stressful and help save hours and effort. Below are a few tips that could have you packed and ready to move in no time.

First off, you might need to organize a little bit. When moving, it’s recommended to pack up each room separately. That way, boxes can go directly in the room they’re intended for so mess and confusion can be held to a minimum. Remember where each box is going as well as how soon they’ll be needed when you arrive. This is helpful when setting up those essential areas of the house, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Another tip is to opt for multiple colors of packing tape. For example, use blue tape for bedroom boxes, yellow on kitchen boxes and so on. This allows you to skip having to label each location in writing; simply look at the color and recognize the association. Whichever organization method go with, having plenty of tape is a must. Experts suggest using three pieces on the bottom and one on top to ensure the box and its contents are secured in place. Additionally, tightly closed boxes are easier and quicker to maneuver.

If your closet is packed to the gills, one way to cut back on the space taken up by clothes is to vacuum seal the garments in storage bags. This tip also works for bulky items and bedding. You can also de-clutter by donating unwanted clothing. This way, you won’t need as many boxes and other packing materials.

Finally, overestimate how much of something you’ll need instead of going on last-minute goose chases to get more. It’s easy to miscalculate how much stuff there is to move and the time it will take to pack. Be sure you have everything you need on-hand and ready before moving day by packing early with a healthy supply of boxes and a plan.

For a more detailed guide on packing hacks, please see the accompanying resource.

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