8 Popular Kitchen Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

It’s no secret that the kitchen is the heart and soul of any home. It is the place where your food is prepared and where you spend time with your friends and family and bond with them. Your kitchen design should reflect your personality, match your home interior design and most importantly be convenient to use.

Have you decided to upgrade your kitchen in 2022 and are looking for some kitchen design inspirations? Read along to find out about the 8 amazing kitchen design trends that you can try in 2022.

  1. Open Kitchen 

Open kitchen layouts are hitting the mainstream in 2022. This layout is perfect for studio apartments and small spaces. The home interior design world has seen an increase in the demand for open kitchen layouts as in the post-pandemic times, people have started entertaining guests in their homes more often and this layout gives them the chance to bond with their guests while they are preparing food for their gang.

  1. Eclectic hues for kitchen cabinetry 

It is time that we leave behind kitchen cabinetries in neutral hues and go bold with colours. This year is all about choosing statement colours for your kitchen cabinetry and making your kitchen a subject of envy for your guests. We are talking about bold colours like red, dark green, blues and jewel tones like teal, plum, emerald and maroon.

  1. Go natural 

People are craving to bring nature into their space in the post-pandemic world. This is one of the main reasons why we are seeing people opt for unpainted wooden cabinets and marble and granite countertops as they are minimalistic, simple and easy on the eyes.

  1. Add vintage furniture 

Another major kitchen trend that you can try this year is installing vintage kitchen furniture. Give a vintage vibe to your kitchen by installing countertops, cabinetries and shelves which emit an old-world charm.

  1. Have fun with your kitchen lighting 

Your kitchen lighting can make or break your kitchen aesthetics. So, make sure that your kitchen has a big window and gets enough sunlight in the daytime. When it comes to artificial lighting, make sure that you layer your lighting. You can install pendant lights in your kitchen and have brass and gold accents on them. If you are feeling fancy, then buy a statement chandelier from any home decor store and let it be the showstopper of your kitchen.

  1. Fancy kitchen appliances

After spending so much time in their kitchen during the pandemic, people are now willing to upgrade their kitchen appliances and customise high-tech appliances. From the oven, stove, and refrigerator to the air fryer and cocktail maker machine, people don’t mind splurging to elevate their kitchen design and aesthetics.

  1. Invest in a high-quality backsplash & countertop

This year is all about making your home décor scream elegance and extravagance. A kitchen design trend that everyone is following these days is to have a fancy marble, granite or tile kitchen backsplash and countertop. Having a chic kitchen countertop and backsplash instantly elevates the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.

  1. Open shelves 

Open shelves are gaining popularity and we can’t be happier. Open shelves are a boon for small kitchens as they make use of the vertical space in your kitchen. You can showcase your fancy antique crockeries and jars on them or keep a few indoor plants on them and add touches of green into your kitchen.

So, which of these kitchen design trends are you most excited to try this year? Check out the Asian Paints website to browse through a wide selection of modular kitchen options for your new home. Not a big fan of standard modular kitchen layouts found in most of home décor stores? Worry not, the folks at Asian Paints are open to designing a customized modular kitchen layout just for you.

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