Best Mobile Storage in Vancouver from U-PAK Storage

The mobile storage in Vancouver is good solution in case you need a nice and reliable storage. As its name shows, it is type of mobile storage where you can rent and you do not need to worry about your stuff in the storage since later it will be managed easily.

The mobile storage will become good option when you have many items. You will need greater storage when there are many items. Of course, renting or building a storage house will not be good option since it can be pricy. That is why the mobile storage is good option and U-PAK mobile storage provides you with the solution.

Choices of Mobile Storages from U-PAK

U-PAK is the company that provides you with the mobile storage. You will not need to worry about your items anymore. You do not need to rent specific building for it since U-PAK will provide you with more effective and efficient solution to handle your items and storage.

U-PAK has two options of storage size. The first one is the full size. It has size of 63 square-feet. It is similar to the size of one bedroom. Then, the second choice is the half size. Its dimension is the half of the first one or it is similar to the one bachelor suite.

In this case, you can choose the sizes depending on the items that you have. U-PAK provides you with the options and you can choose many lockers at once. You can order the lockers or storages through the website ad it is very easy process.

As for the pricing, medium or half-size locker is priced $79 a month. Then, the full-size is priced at $139 for one month-rent. Based on the price, it is cheaper to have the full size. However, U-PAK still provides the smaller locker or storage since every client may have different needs and these options are to accommodate what the client needs.

Benefits of the Mobile Storage from U-PAK

To get your locker, you can start by making order. You can specify your location and other details. There is already booking form in the website of U-PAK so you do not need to worry about it. You only need to fill the form and make your order.

After that, team of movers will come to your location with the lockers. They will pick your items and store them into the lockers. Then, they will deliver the lockers into secure storage. Those lockers are stored in prepared location so you do not need to worry.

U-PAK really pays attentions to the quality of your items. The warehouse of U-PAK is equipped with climate-controlled facilities. It is to make sure that the item condition will always be in perfect state and you will not need to worry about the weather and temperature issues.

Your items are also fully secured. There are surveillance cameras and security teams that will always monitor your items and the whole warehouse. The lockers are perfect for furniture, household items, and other kinds of items.

Once you need your items, later the professional movers from U-PAK will deliver the items to your location, you only need to make a call, and the movers will be ready to deliver. The mobile storage in Vancouver surely becomes best solution for item storage.

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