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Effective Ways to Boost the Value of Your Property

As life slowly begins to regain some level of normality, there are projections that the property market is likely to boom. As a potential seller, you may want to increase the value of your property before listing it for sale. Below are a few tips to get your home update started.

Pretty Pavements 

One of the first things potential buyers will be looking for when looking at properties is curb appeal. Keep the lawn mowed and any unruly hedges or shrubs trimmed. If you have plant pots along the walkway or close to the entrance of your home, make sure that the pots are clean. Fill them with flowering plants to add a welcoming feeling to your home.


Durable flooring, particularly in high traffic areas of your home, is a key factor for any potential homebuyers. Laminated floors are a popular covering and can be used throughout the home, even in rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom, which for many years have often been tiled.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels 

Members of your family spend time in these spaces every day. This means that any new homeowners will too. Revamping these two specific rooms is often costly, but upon sale the financial outlay is almost always recouped.

Dedicated Spaces 

Whether it is a basement converted into a playroom, or a small bedroom now dedicated to working from home, possible buyers need to see the potential of the rooms in your home being able to be dedicated spaces for them. This makes staging your home for the showhouse essential.


Spending some money on outbuildings such as designer garden sheds or log cabins is an investment. Such constructions have a multitude of uses: storage for compost, pesticides, and fertilisers, or they can be furnished and used as private accommodation for guests. This makes for an excellent marketing point when listing your home as this extra space can be used to generate an additional income.

‘Green’ Solutions 

In many countries, including the UK, there is a need for alternative ways to derive energy as the quantity of conventional energy reserves continues to decline. By installing a small solar geyser system on your roof, you can reduce your heating bill significantly. Having a home with ‘green’ elements is especially attractive to homebuyers from the millennial demographic. Another way to increase the ‘green’ factor in your home is to install energy-saving appliances.

Increase Natural Light 

Natural light not only creates the illusion of space, it also impacts your mood positively. Investigate ways of increasing the inflow of natural light into your home to attract more buyers. A skylight, perhaps?

Speak to your Realtor 

Estate agents are experts in their field and will be able to offer sound advice on current market conditions and what prospective buyers are looking for.

Using these guidelines to improve your home will hopefully earn you a tidy profit when you sell your home.

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