Ways To Teach Your Kids Toilet Etiquette

Youngsters usually first learn about proper hygiene, etiquette, and manners inside their house. As most kids grow up curious about their surroundings, they tend to mirror what they observe from their parents. If for instance, the children see from their elders throwing their trash anywhere, the kids may most likely do the same. The same manner when parents leave the toilet dirty after use, the kids may also show less concern in keeping the bathroom clean. They may carry the same habit outside their house and do the same in other places like at their school, classmate’s abode, and other institutions.  

Aside from showing their children what is morally right and wrong, parents are also the most influential individuals who can explain to their little ones the pleasing and not so appropriate actions. Thus, it is prudent that guardians and parents lead by example. They are likewise expected to be patient in teaching and guiding their youngsters despite the many repetitions until the latter learned the right way.

One area elders must not fail to teach their youngsters is proper bathroom etiquette.  

Flush the Toilet

In using the toilet and bath, parents must teach their children respect. Respect is not only displayed in being courteous to elders. Another way of showing respect is keeping the bathroom clean. By keeping the toilet in its pristine condition, members of the family communicate that they acknowledge others’ presence in the house.

Flashing the toilet after each use is one way to show respect. It means family members ready the bathroom for loved ones to use with less stress. They do not want their family to use a dirty toilet but rather, give them a happy bathroom experience.

Keep Toilet Clean

A way to keep the toilet clean is throwing trash on the bin and not leaving tissue paper floating in the toilet bowl. One way to lessen paper trash is installing bidet toilets. With bidet toilet seats, family members can clean themselves hands-free. They can also save on tissue paper and thoroughly wash with less fear of any cross-contamination or infection.

Replenish Bath Supplies

Another way of showing respect is making sure that the next person to occupy the bathroom has enough supply to use. If the soap dispenser is already empty, for instance, refill it up to the rim.  

Keep Personal Things Personal

Do not use other’s personal things for one’s own comfort. More than respect, this also promotes proper hygiene.

Personal materials that aren’t for sharing are toothbrushes, hairbrushes and combs, and bath towels.

Keep Floor Dry

A wet floor may cause an accident. After leaving the bathroom and closing its door, always make sure that the floor tiles are dry. It wouldn’t hurt, too, to provide a clean and dry mat for the next user.  

Proper Toilet Etiquette

The parents and guardians are usually the youngsters’ first teacher. The children also mirror what their elders do; thus it is prudent that the latter model the right and proper way of living and doing things. From letting children know the ideal characters to the appropriate home and bathroom etiquette, the children are properly guided to be respectful of others. The lessons they learn from their elders will surely help them be sensitive and responsible individuals and good citizens as they grow up.

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