Maintenance, Repair And Replacement Of Commercial Doors


As the name suggests, commercial doors are the doors that are particularly built for the commercial purposes. They are used usually in schools, hospitals, office buildings, manufacturing industries, stores, and other commercial buildings. These doors are built with additional durability than the residential doors to make them able to withstand different levels of abuse and climate changes. Carrolltron, TX is a hub for commercial markets, hence it is also a good trade center for commercial door sellers; Services regarding commercial door repair in Carrollton, TX also do a good business here.

Cases where you might need a door repair:


Most commercial doors operate on the metal tracks that lead the doors as they open and close. If these tracks become damaged, misaligned, or wrapped the door will no longer function properly. In addition, this damage will worsen over time and eventually may cause the metal tracks to clamp. Mostly, track damage is often a result of a piece of appliance or a vehicle clashing with the door.

A skilled overhead door technician can repair the track depending on the extent of damage, but if the damage is severe, then the replacement of an entire track may be required.


Rollers allow commercial doors to smoothly roll over their tracks. Over time, they can get accumulated with dirt and debris. They may also get worn, damaged, or rusted, especially if the owner has neglected their maintenance. If this occurs, your commercial door may strain to be opened and closed or may make cracking or grinding noises.

In most cases, regular cleaning and lubricating the rollers can get things normal and running properly.


Torsion springs tend to neutralize the weight of commercial doors, which let them to open and close easily. Without a proper functioning of torsion spring, your operator would not be equipped to lift up the door off the ground. A standard torsion spring can be estimated to go for 10,000 cycles, so for the busy commercial operations, the torsion springs tend to wear out only within a few years.

Squeaking noise in the torsion spring is an obvious sign that you need to either get it properly lubricated or replace it with a new torsion spring. These tasks should be done under supervision of commercial door professionals. Torsion springs tend to be under extremely high pressure and must not be addressed by anyone who is not qualified in terms of commercial door systems.


In the high traffic commercial buildings, it is not an unusual case that commercial doors can take a bit of beating. Since your commercial door is part of a connected system, it is very crucial to replace dented or damaged panels right away. If you do not do it, the door may get misaligned and the tracks, opener system, and rollers can also get damaged.


Commercial buildings should have a well maintained commercial door, and for that you should contact the qualified commercial door technician to keep a check on the functioning of the door from time to time.